Philip Snyder, CFA

My experience in the financial services Industry has lead me to believe that there is a void in what many people want versus what is offered.

I believe most people want to work with an advisor who can offer a high level of service while working in their best interest.  Establishing a wealth management office allows me to give advice that’s relevant to each individual, rather than offer only a static strategy.

Several years into my career, I knew I wanted to pursue an advanced degree or designation in finance. I researched several avenues but settled on the Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) designation.  This stood out to me because so few advisors have it.

I liked the fact that the curriculum focused on investment related material such as Equities, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management and most importantly, Ethics.  The bulk of the knowledge I acquired is used to help clients navigate complex financial markets.  Obtaining the CFA designation is my biggest professional accomplishment to date.

Investing is a foreign concept to many. Unfortunately, even higher education often doesn’t focus on educating most people about topics such as investing in equities or fixed Income.

One of my strengths is taking a complex strategy and explaining it in a way a client can understand.

Multi-Asset Investing, by Pranay Gupta, CFA.  The themes discussed are relevant in today’s market environment. For example, many think about investing in stocks or bonds, but there’s only so much diversification to be gained through investing in these two asset classes.  There are other strategies one can add to a traditional stock and bond portfolio that may reduce risk, and possibly increase return.
Spending time with family, friends, and dogs (I have 3).  Watching Sports (I’m a fan of the Ravens, Orioles, and Terps).  I joined a Crossfit Gym a couple years ago, which is a lot of fun and very humbling.

Baltimore has some amazing restaurants.  My wife, Melanie and I do our best to experience as many restaurants as possible.  Our favorite is the Food Market in Hampden.